Sunday, May 7, 2017

Inspiring You! A Bukola Oriola's Story 3

Sorry, I have not published an article for the past two weeks. I have been sick, and now, my son is not feeling well. But I hope to be able to continue from where I left off.

I had promised to share the good news that welcomed me home some 34 years ago. I remembered walking home on that sunny afternoon, when I met a familiar guy few blocks before I reached home. He was probably in his 20s, and he worked at a carpenter's shop on my street. He announced to me, that my mother had just delivered a baby. 

I was really excited and ran as fast as my legs could carry me to our apartment. As soon as I entered the house, the scent of baby products - lotion, oil, and powder- welcomed me into our one bedroom studio. I was surprised to see my father at home, because he was not usually at home around that time of the day. My mother was lying in bed beside her newborn, my brother. She smiled and welcomed me home to the fourth child, and the third male to the family.

Well, as the norm was in my family, few days after, we went to my paternal grand parents for the naming ceremony of the baby. My brother was named by Islamic clerics among families and friends. He is an adult now, and has finished his higher education in Mechanical Engineering.

A day after his naming ceremony, we went back home to our regular routine, and I continued with my elementary education. When I left Ajeromi Primary School to join my parents in our new neighborhood at Federal Low Cost Housing Estate, Ipaja, I was enrolled at African Church Primary School, where I completed my six years primary school education.

Shortly after, I spent a few weeks at a "Jakande" Secondary School (pardon me, I don't remember the name of the school) at Abesan Estate, but moved on to Command Secondary School, Ibadan for another five years. I left Command Secondary School, Ibadan for Government College, Ikorodu for two years, to complete my secondary education with my Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Afterwards, educational challenges and delay became my real life struggles. Come back to learn
more about my academic challenges, and how I have been able to push through, despite the obstacles that caused my delay. The next story will be about the Commencement Ceremony that took place recently at Metropolitan State University, where I graduated as an Outstanding Student recipient with my Bachelor's of Arts.

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