Thursday, April 20, 2017

Inspiring You! A Bukola Oriola's Story 2

President Ginny Arthur and I @ Award Ceremony
If you read Inspiring You! A Bukola Oriola's Story 1, you will be wanting to read about the good news that welcomed me home from school in 1983. Unfortunately, you will need to wait a little longer to read what the good news is about. The reason is because, I want to share an inspiring present situation with you, and I think that you will like it. Now that we have got this situated, let's dive right into it.

It's been over 30 years. In fact, it's been 34 years since I started formal education at Ajeromi Primary School in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. That is how long it has been for me before getting my Bachelors. But I am glad that I still got my Bachelors. Last weekend, I received an Outstanding Student Award at Metropolitan State University, where I will be graduating from in the next 11 days. It was such an honor. Whenever we count how long, we should also count the blessings along the way, no matter how small or big. Although, it took so long for me to get my Bachelors, yet it came at the right time. On top of that is the crowning of an award. I was one of 10 students who received this honorable award.

If everything had gone as planned academically, I should have received my Bachelor's Degree 16 years after starting my primary education. However, when I think back, I count my blessings rather than cry over the fact that it took more than double the time to finish. It wasn't an easy journey as you can tell from how long it took me to get here. Take a minute to visit my Capstone eFolio website to learn some of the challenges that have shaped both my academic and career journey.

President Ginny and I at her inauguration
Two weeks ago, I was privileged to give remarks on behalf of the student body during the inauguration of the president of Metropolitan State University. President Ginny Arthur is the seventh President installed at the university by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees. I was a humble member of the "Platform Party" during the inauguration, as I sat anxiously until my time to give my speech. You can read the speech here.

In addition, I will be delivering the Student's Remarks at the 100th Commencement of Metropolitan State University. You can also read my Commencement Speech.

You can see how far I have come. I encourage you not to give up on your dreams. Keep pushing. You will eventually hit your target.

Come back for the good news that welcomed me home 34 years ago, and what happened after I left Ajeromi Primary school. I will let you know when I return next week. Enjoy your over 50% discount on A Living Label: An Inspirational memoir and Guide book, when you purchase it in addition with Imprisoned: The Travails of a Trafficked Victim book here or click on the image below.

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